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Markal Valve Action® Paint Marker

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Tsubaki Backstops and Clutches

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Adhesive, Sealant & Lubricant Products

• Adhesives
• Cleaners
• Epoxies
• Hand Cleaner
• Lube Systems
• Lubricants
• Micro Poly
• Paints
• Sealants
• Silicone
• Solvents
• Thread Locker
• Thread Repair

When two surfaces are in contact and moving, one with respect to the other, friction is high. Depending on the application, these products are designed to increase friction by sealing to reduce friction by lubricating.

Maintenance professionals require additional materials to fine-tune their production equipment. Adhesives, sealants, and industrial lubricants, when used properly, allow power transmission products to perform at their optimum level

BDI’s expertise leads the industry in the application of sealants, adhesives, grease and lubricants from Loctite, Lubriplate, FUCHS, Dow Corning, Citgo, Molykote and WD40.

We serve industries such as power generation, mining, automotive, general manufacturing and food with the world's most advanced synthetic grease, synthetic lubricants and water-soluble lubricants.

BDI is your global source for industrial MRO products including spray paints, solvents, cleaners, and degreasers from trusted brand names such as Sprayon, Krylon, Tri-flow, LPS, CRC and many others.

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