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IKO C-Lube Technology

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Accuform Gauge Marking Decals

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BDI and Energy Focus Lighting

BDI and Energy Focus offers Lighting as a Service

Audit, Installation, Shared Savings Financing and Product Performance Validation for Optimal Ongoing Energy Savings with Industry Leading Technology

What is Lighting as a Service?

A truly complete, turn-key, sustainable lighting solution. Upgrading from fluorescent lighting to LED products today will reduce your lighting electricity consumption by 50% or more.

As LED technology is continually advancing, the efficacy of TLEDs will only get better. It is estimated that within the next 10 years, we will have the ability to double energy-efficiency. To capitalize on rising energy savings opportunities, use BDI and Energy Focus Lighting as a Service to stay ahead of the curve with the latest lighting technology.

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about Energy Focus Lighting or browse e-catalog.