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Power Generation

BDI has been working with the Power Generation Industry for over 30 years.  Within the past 10 years, U.S. Power Generation facilities have experienced a dramatic increase in capacity produced, with little or no equipment upgrades.

BDI realizes as capacity continues to increase, the need for updated equipment, streamlined processes and a Repair Partner are key factors associated with increased capacity.

BDI's Power Generation Team has the specific information on Services, Products and Specialty Inventory that can benefit your Power Generation facility.

BDI Repair Services can help repair or rebuild your gear boxes, pre-heater drives, pulverizer equipment, cooling tower components, and even coal-yard conveyor systems.  BDI Repair, Rebuild and Reverse Engineering Services can help you save up to 1/2 the cost of a new unit or piece of equipment.

BDI carries spare parts and has exchange programs on all the top names in the industry: Marley, B&W, Falk, Dodge and Alstom to name a few.

Please view the BDI Power Generation brochure for more information. Contact Ken Miko, or call (216) 536-3860 to determine how BDI can benefit your Power Generation facility.

To view BDI Locations click here 

Visit for online ordering.

Call 1-888-423-4872 for additional information.